Bee Blocks and Petal Pinwheels

Happy Monday Tuesday!!! I absolutely love long weekends and short work weeks. Means more family time and more sewing time! It poured rain yesterday, which made me feel less guilty about spending the entire day sewing.

I started out be getting my bee blocks finished. I’m ashamed to say that I was quite tardy with my April ModImprov Canada Bee block for Michelle. She had asked for a 12 inch star of any kind using selvages. 7 weeks ago, I read that and thought “sweet!” I’d been saving selvages and wanted to make something with them! So I got started…. Realized I needed to learn to love to work with selvages…. And pushed that block down in the priority list -sorry Michelle! Finally yesterday, I got down to it and finished my wonky star.

April Bee Block for ModImprov Bee.

April Bee Block for ModImprov Bee.

My Learning Notes from this block – stagger the wording on the selvages so there isn’t so much white when you piece it. I sent a handful of selvages in the mail with this block as an apology for my delinquencies.

Next on the list, Carly’s block. She’s the queen bee this month in the Canadians Quilt {bee}. This is a new bee that was formed from friends that I made last year when I was in Simply Solids. Three of the quilters are actually members of the Saskatoon Modern Quilt Guild, which I belong to as well! I’m blessed to be involved with such a talented group!! Carly had requested a curved log cabin. Sweet!! Time to unwrap my brand new quick curve ruler!

Pile of Scraps
This pile of scraps became these!

May Blocks for Canadians Quilt Bee
Hand delivered to Carly’s doorstep 8 blocks away 🙂

Two down, one to go. The third, and final bee that I am a member of is the Joy Circle in the do. Good Stitches charity bee. This is a massive bee of stitchers and quilters who are all making quilts to give to charities all over the world! I love being a part of this bee! This month’s block was a variation on a Sparkle Punch Quilt. She requested it to be un-pieced to make the construction easier. So this was a very quick finish!

May Blocks for do.Good Stitches - Joy Circle

Now onto something for me! The Modern Quilt Guild Fabric Challenge! I will blog about this piece when it’s finished. So for now, enjoy some sneak peaks of my progress 🙂

The 2014 Modern Quilt Guild Fabric Challenge is sponsored by Michael Miller and the line is Petal Pinwheels.

The 2014 Modern Quilt Guild Fabric Challenge is sponsored by Michael Miller and the line is Petal Pinwheels.

Progress on the MQG Fabric Challenge

Using my Quick Curve Ruler

Using my Quick Curve Ruler

Thanks for stopping by!

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6 thoughts on “Bee Blocks and Petal Pinwheels

  1. Hi Sheila, thanks very much for my pouch (in the mqg swap)! I think I’ve got the better end of the deal definitely! I’ve given the Canada pencil to my partner, we are in the process of emigrating over there so I thought he might like it 😉

    • Fantastic Penny! So glad you like it!! We received ours yesterday and I need to send out a thank you as well! Such a fun idea!

      And how exciting that you’ll be moving to Canada! Whereabouts? Maybe close enough to come to one of our SMQG meetings 🙂

  2. Hi Sheila! I’m so glad you’ve started a blog. I look forward to following along even though I’ll see you at guild meetings where I’ll get the low-down. Welcome to the quilting blogosphere!

  3. Michelle says:

    Hi Sheila, I hope you enjoy the blogging experience, it can be quite satisfying, both for writer and reader,

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