Celestial Star QAL

Back in June, I did a pattern test for Diane, From Blank Pages, for this fantastically versatile block, the Celestial Star. I sat down with my pencil crayons to try to decide on a colour palate and layout.

I decided that I needed to have all of the colours, and pulled some fabric to make a colour wheel version of Diane’s block.


I grabbed my scissors and glue, cut out all my fabric pieces using Diane’s handy templates, and got down to business.


I made the “spokes” of my wheel with relative ease! Phew!



I pieced them all together and was pleasantly surprised to find the Center segments meeting up!


I’m on a quest to perfect my straight line quilting. I quilted this mini with straight lines radiating out from each point of the star. I like to think the lines got straighter as a practiced…


I managed to finish the binding at the Saskatoon Modern Quilt Guild meeting in early July and snapped a few photo’s in Carly’s yard with my fresh and crisp Celestial Star colour wheel 🙂




Now it lives in my sewing room where I can enjoy it daily! I am thrilled with how this turned out and highly recommend giving this pattern a shot! The possibilities are endless!



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