SMQG Mini Swap

Back in September, the members of the Saskatoon Modern Quilt Guild did a blind swap. We all included 2 key words to give our secret partner some inspiration. “Chemistry 101” was the phrase that I received from Carly. Now conveniently, in my University days I did complete a number of Chemistry classes. (6 to be exact!) Even more conveniently, Professor Google lets you ask any question you want and just tells you the answer!

So I set out to find the molecular structures of wine and dark chocolate. Then I made a bunch of hexies.


Incidentally, hexies are a perfect road trip project! As you can likely tell from the flatness of the scenery, this is Saskatchewan. We drive from Saskatoon to Regina for almost every home game that the Riders play…. Having a road trip project is essential!

After compiling a pile of hexies, I arranged them into their molecular structures, glue basted them onto the background fabric (that is intended to resemble a beaker) and quilted all over to keep them secured.




And if you know Carly, you know her favourite colours are blue and orange. So this was right up her ally!


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