More Canuck Birthday Gifts

If you are following along on Instagram, you are aware that the Canuck Birthday Club is still going strong. I’ve got a few gifts to catch up with on the blog though!

My good friend Jaclyn’s birthday was in September. Would you believe that she didn’t have a single mini hanging in her sewing room?! No me neither. So I decided to make her one for her birthday.



I didn’t actually take my own photo of the finished product before gifting it to her, so please enjoy the screen shot! Also, that’s her Instagram name and she makes some pretty awesome stuff if you want to follow her there!

I added a few goodies and gave her her gift over breakfast at Jerry’s with our daughters (who are also BFF’s, conveniently!)



Next up in October, was Francine. I know her better as Melrose Cakes, and she lives in Ontario. As you may have guessed, she is a real life professional baker! So I decided that I would make her a reversible apron for her birthday. She expressed to us that her favourite colour is pink – so I made sure to incorporate a lot! Here is a picture of my goofy husband modelling one side!


I also made her a boxed zipper pouch with the cross stitch blocks on the front. Stuffed it with goodies and sent it to Eastern Canada!



Next up was Tarra, another fellow member of the Saskatoon Modern Quilt Guild and also a good friend of mine. I decided to pull up my big girl socks and attempt a Sew Together Bag for her. I made it almost entirely out of Cotton and Steel, mine and Tarra’s current favourite. I don’t have good photos of the actual bag – but I do have Tarra’s reaction to opening her gift!




We are having so much fun sending birthday gifts across Canada! We took a break for December and January and will reconvene in February for Sonya’s birthday. Stay tuned!!


Canuck Birthday Club

Imagine 10 quilty/crafty women from all across Canada, making each other birthday gifts and showering everyone with happy mail in the month of her birth (or month after in my case as there are 2 Aprils). How amazing does this sound?! Too good to be true?! Nope! This club exists!!! It’s called the #canuckbdayclub and it is a very active, Instagram based birthday swap!

Now that my new friend in Edmonton has received her gift, I can share it with you all here. IMG_9286.JPG

I tested this pattern from Karie and TwoKwikQuilters (awesome pattern! Super easy to follow!) and chose these colours especially for W based on some IG and Pinterest sleuthing. I included some other goodies for her to enjoy – silk bamboo yarn, charms, buttons, tea, and a cross-stitched bookmark (or ultra-mini mini to hang up at the office).




I wrapped it all up with brown paper and twine and sealed it in a Canada Post envelope…. Then realized that the card didn’t make it into the package!!


Not to worry though! My husband proudly affixed a Saskatchewan Roughriders stamp into the envelope and happily sent it on it’s way to Edmonton Eskimo country…. And he got way too big of a kick out of doing that!

I’m so happy that my new friend enjoyed her gift so much!!

Happy Birthday W!!