SMQG Mini Swap

Back in September, the members of the Saskatoon Modern Quilt Guild did a blind swap. We all included 2 key words to give our secret partner some inspiration. “Chemistry 101” was the phrase that I received from Carly. Now conveniently, in my University days I did complete a number of Chemistry classes. (6 to be exact!) Even more conveniently, Professor Google lets you ask any question you want and just tells you the answer!

So I set out to find the molecular structures of wine and dark chocolate. Then I made a bunch of hexies.


Incidentally, hexies are a perfect road trip project! As you can likely tell from the flatness of the scenery, this is Saskatchewan. We drive from Saskatoon to Regina for almost every home game that the Riders play…. Having a road trip project is essential!

After compiling a pile of hexies, I arranged them into their molecular structures, glue basted them onto the background fabric (that is intended to resemble a beaker) and quilted all over to keep them secured.




And if you know Carly, you know her favourite colours are blue and orange. So this was right up her ally!


Baby Eileen

One of my Good friend’s little sister’s had a baby this fall. I have known her since she was 11 – so for her to have a baby is a little mind blowing for me! Makes me feel a little aged to truthful!

I wanted to make something especially girly for baby Eileen and decided on a flower layout. This is a slight modification of a pattern from Sew Kind of Wonderful.






I just love that picture of Eileen enjoying the quilt with her grandma! ❤️

Baby Sawyer

My cousin welcomed her third bundle of love into the world at the end of July this year. Sawyer Abbot, their first son! She chose a real/yellow/grey colour scheme for his bedroom and her favourite design is chevron. This quilt decision was a no-brainer.




I captured these photos in the fading light of an August evening and I just love how it picks up the crinkle!

In addition to the quilt, I tried my hand at a Noodlehead Divided Basket and absolutely love how it turned out! I had made one earlier this year and had a few kinks to iron out. I am really happy with this one!




I also made a diaper clutch in coordinating fabrics. Not super happy with the finishing of it as directed by the pattern, but my cousin loved it, so she got it too!



Welcome Baby Sawyer!

Celestial Star QAL

Back in June, I did a pattern test for Diane, From Blank Pages, for this fantastically versatile block, the Celestial Star. I sat down with my pencil crayons to try to decide on a colour palate and layout.

I decided that I needed to have all of the colours, and pulled some fabric to make a colour wheel version of Diane’s block.


I grabbed my scissors and glue, cut out all my fabric pieces using Diane’s handy templates, and got down to business.


I made the “spokes” of my wheel with relative ease! Phew!



I pieced them all together and was pleasantly surprised to find the Center segments meeting up!


I’m on a quest to perfect my straight line quilting. I quilted this mini with straight lines radiating out from each point of the star. I like to think the lines got straighter as a practiced…


I managed to finish the binding at the Saskatoon Modern Quilt Guild meeting in early July and snapped a few photo’s in Carly’s yard with my fresh and crisp Celestial Star colour wheel 🙂




Now it lives in my sewing room where I can enjoy it daily! I am thrilled with how this turned out and highly recommend giving this pattern a shot! The possibilities are endless!


A Finish! A Long Overdue Finish!

My name is Sheila. I quilt. I am 31 years old. My husband makes fun of me constantly about my hobby. “Going to hang out with your 80 year old friends again?” (The average age in our guild is probably 40.) “Does your back hurt from all that sewing?” (No! I get adjusted very regularly and have an incredibly healthy spine, thanks.) “Hey Grandma, nice quilt!” (Thanks Grandpa?). He also has made no secret of the fact that I have not made a quilt for him yet. So this year I decided to make my husband a birthday quilt. I tied it in with the Saskatoon Modern Quilt Guild’s July Challenge – Make a Modern Border. I like crossing 2 items off my list with one project. Who doesn’t?

So I started making HST’s.IMG_8076-0.JPG


Then I pieced them together into this!




I love me some (not-so) straight line quilting!

And a look at the back.




Happy 30th Birthday Boris! A birthday quilt, 30-some days late in honour of your new decade of life ❤️